Clinical Supervision/Consultation

Providing supervision is a very important part of my practice.  After having had the good fortune to have received some exceptional supervision early in my career (And am fortunate to continue to have quality consultation) I developed an interest in learning more about providing quality supervision.   In 1995, I began supervising those new to the field and by the time I returned to do my Masters of Social Work it was clear that clinical supervision would be a priority in my learning.  With this in mind several colleagues and I developed a self-directed study on supervision.  This involved reviewing the current literature, interviewing supervisees and developing a university course on supervision.  I was thankful to have had the opportunity to delve more deeply into this important work.



While at Pacific Spirit Family and Community Services (providing service to the UBC community) I was supervisor to numerous Masters level students in social work, counselling psychology, art therapy and educational psychology from a variety of Universities and Colleges.  I currently provide clinical supervision for Oak Counselling Services as well as to private practitioners in the lower mainland.  I am also on the Practicum Coordinating Committee at Vancouver General Hospital, coordinating practicums, providing guidance and educational seminars to supervisors and students, as well as supervising students myself.

I also draw upon the learning that I have gained from being an instructor  at NVIT in the Bachelor of Social Work program.  While many in the class are early in their careers, there are many others who come with a wealth of knowledge from years of experience in the field.

If you are interested in obtaining supervision please contact me and we can discuss further your supervision needs.